BoneTown Hints/Tips

General Tips

  • Power Moves are your friend - learn to use them.
  • Power move bosses drop lots of drugs. If you don't have cash you can keep beating bosses for their stash.
  • Early in the game it is worth going Downtown to the Musky Thong (minimap marker is visible from downtown save point) and beating up Arnie in the VIP section (near the entry next to the dance floor). He wields an awesome sword (+9 weapon, there are few better), he drops lots of cash ($100) but most importantly his personality has a 6 ball size and 9 fighting strength (only Satan with 10 is better). Make sure you press Q to take his personality, it makes early game missions much easier. I have just started a new game; I talked to the uncle to get the power to transform, made the slow run all the way to Downtown, killed a rocker for his guitar weapon then went to face Arnie. Running in and out of the Musky Thong I reset the fight several times. Minutes into the game I have $1000, a weapon strength of 18 and a ball size of 7. I think the first mission will be a breeze.
  • Press R while having sex or fighting to talk to your “opponent”. Some of the comments are hilarious depending on your character. A great sex finish is the slap, blow, comment (left click, Enter, R). It never fails to make me laugh.
  • Frog Farming - Downtown has the most frogs in the game. The best location I have found is at the base of the cliff near the skinny robot chick (location covered on the Girls page). Follow the cliff behind the fence to find lots of frogs.

Thanks go to skeleton from the Bonetown Forums for providing the following content

  • First get a good weapon (sword, electric guitar etc.) and steal a good identity (in Downtown Rockers ball size 7 and fighting ability 9 or Black people 9 and 8). It's much easier to fight and you get easily better girls.
  • When you fight, don't get stuck. Use the crack and run and try to tempt the enemy to follow you. Then beat the enemy one by one. In some missions you can even avoid fight by using crack and weed (Chicken leg , Man's island).
  • Beat the bosses and use power moves. For examples weed smoke stuns one enemy and then you can easily knock it down (right click attack). Peyote (lightning bolts) power move is good for multiple enemies.
  • Collect the items (whiskey, mushroom, peyote etc.). You find them in certain areas, you can buy them or you can knock the guys and collect what they dropped. (Rockers have whiskey, East Indians mushrooms, Natives peyotes and so on.) Make sure you have enough drugs before you start any mission (not the first one). You need them and badly.
  • Last hint: enjoy the game and have some fun.

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