Bonetown Expansion

BoneTown Expansion is available with patch 1.11 (download here).

All new content is in the Downtown map.

Amish Cokehead - Added by Mondopayne

New Pipe Boss: Amish Cokehead

Location: Downtown - Southeast side of the map, on the road near the water just south of the hooker.

Not a very difficult fight. Just use standard attacks and he should drop pretty quickly. He drops a crack pipe that doubles the time of each crack hit.

It is possible to bang the chick standing next to him (his wife), but must be done mid combat. Just hit the boss then lead him far away, knock him down (without killing him) and quickly run back to his missus, hopefully you are quick enough that you can initiate a session before the boss hits you again.

Another way is to proposition her with him on her other side. Sometimes, but not always, he will get stuck on her and unable to reach you with his attacks.

New Mission: Minidog and Wee-Wee

Location: Downtown - outside cinema, west side of map, just north of church.

Start the mission you will transport to Havajo Indian Reservation outside the casino. Kill the 3 security guards (lighting is pretty unstoppable). Transport back to the cinema, kill lots more security while protecting the midget. Just stay close to the midget and kill everyone with lightning.

Inside the cinema next, quick bang to regain health, then fight Wee-Wee. He uses the same long range fart attack as Joseph Smith boss. Yet again lightning is pretty unstoppable.

Head inside the cinema for your reward (if you have downloaded Freshly Squeezed 3 1/2)

New Minigame: Stairway to Heaven

Location: Downtown Church.

Secret minigame located on top of the church. Highly recommend you wait until night time as it makes the jumps much easier to see. You need to have the best weed pipe to complete the jumps.

Look above the church for a series of clouds. You need to jump from the roof of the church to the first cloud. Once you start jumping to the next cloud a timer will start and you only have 40 seconds to complete the rest of the jumps. Keep weed jumping to the top cloud to finish the game.

On the top cloud is the Angel chick. You can bang her once you complete the minigame. She drops a new harp weapon (+9) as a reward.

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