Welcome to the BoneTown mini wiki...

…as it was online at The Wikia Scratchpad until its deletion on end of august 2014!

We would like to preserve this information for all new players and for further references - so we rebuild and host the lost content here. We do this NOT with permission of the original autor (we do not known him, but he used the same CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license as we do - therefore we had the right to host, change or modify his work) so all the fame and credits goes to him (whoever he is) - and we based our german version on his work, so we want to thank him also on this way!

Please note: the english version of this wiki will stay “as it is” as long as we found someone who will regulary update it - we have more interest to support our own language in first place - but if you are interested to maintain this wiki in english, please let us know. Keep this in mind, if you found “not working” old links or misspelling errors!

If you want to take a look at the original Wiki - we had taken some screenshots of it in the past (these files was used to rebuild this wiki) - please visit this page.

At the moment is only a german-language section for Bonemodz in the Nemesiz-Forum available - but if you want to have an english board too, please let us know and vote for it HERE. If there is enough interest, we will setup an english community too… (but keep in mind, that we need moderators for that - if someone will also do this job, please vote so and contact the admin soon as/if the board will be set up)

If you want to contact the (BoneModz) admin - please use this contact form.

This project was started in january 2015 on the free hosting service “Heliohost”, but would not be found by Google - so it was totally unknown for the most people. Thanks goes out to the admins of the german Nemesiz v4 Project for hosting (and integrating) BoneModz to their site! Hopefully this will do the trick? ;-)

That is all for now - hope you will find the following wiki useful - have fun and here we go!


If you are a minor, please fetch your mom or dad to read it with you for parental guidance, or wait until your 18th birthday before proceeding. The following article might contain sexual and/or violent text unsuitable for minors.

BoneTown - the awesome new game from D-Dub Software.

This game features gratuatous sex sceens, violence and drug use…. WOOT! - Leave your inhibitions at the door when embarking on BoneTown - you have been warned.

In BoneTown it all about the ball size. Complete missions in this sandbox game to increase your ball size, allowing you to bonk prettier chicks. Start with the fuglies and work your way up to the hotties, by completing missions, defeating bosses and taking lots and lots of drugs.

BoneTown Demo is free to download from the BoneTown Site

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